Data Recovery Services

Mr MicroTech performs software based data recovery on hard drives and USB thumb drives. We perform this service for significantly less cost than our competitors.


Have you accidentally deleted an important file?  We may be able to UNDELETE it for you!

Is your hard drive making strange noises? Computer taking a very long time to boot? Your hard drive may be about to fail completely.

Turn your computer off and call Mr MicroTech now before your drive fails completely. Mr MicroTech has specialized software to perform data recovery on drives that have not mechanically failed. Once a hard drive suffers a complete mechanical failure, the drive must be disassembled; the data recovery process can then only be performed in a cleanroom with specialized equipment.

Mechanical Hard drives are the Achilles’ heel of computers. They have a finite lifespan and some are known to fail prematurely. The best way to protect your data from such failure is to backup (copy) your important data to another location. You can copy it to a USB Thumb Drive, an external drive, or an online backup service like Mozy or Carbonite.

Call Mr MicroTech now at (727)238-7769 for Data Recovery Services.

Data Recovery Services

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