About Mr MicroTech

Robert Allison, Inc. is the parent company of MrMicroTech.com and you can find our rating and reviews on Angie’s List.

Mr MicroTech is your Virus Removal and Computer Repair Experts.

We perform on-site, remote, and depot based Virus Removal, Computer Repair, Education, Web Design, and Networking Services in Cleveland OH, Akron OH, Youngstown OH, Erie PA, Pittsburgh PA, Tampa FL, Clearwater FL, Largo FL, St Petersburg FL, and beyond.

Mr MicroTech provides High Quality, Honest, Effective Solutions at an Affordable Price.

Honesty and Integrity are our key values, they are the foundation of our company and work ethics.

Our computer repair skills and exceptional customer support are superior to big box stores and most other techs.

Mr MicroTech will help you extend the useful life of your laptop and desktop in this age of disposable technology. We do this with inexpensive out-of-warranty repairs, costing less than most other service providers.  Replacement is recommended only when it is a more cost effective solution.

About Us – Mr MicroTech Computer Solutions

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